One of our partners, Polycom, has just released a survey on the role of collaboration in the workplace and the growth of using smaller meeting or huddle rooms. The survey had over 2000 respondents across Asia Pacific (APAC) with 611 respondents from Australia.


The survey found 96% of APAC employees said collaboration technologies helped them to be more productive and work smarter. The most popular collaboration tools were video conferencing and content sharing.


In terms of spaces, small meeting or huddle rooms were the preferred location for workplace collaboration, with the most popular use being for internal meetings and creative brainstorming. Over half of the respondents prefer to use collaboration technologies like audio and video conferencing and content sharing in small meeting rooms, followed closely by personal offices, or desk-based collaboration for those working in open plan offices.


The survey also found that adding the right collaboration technology to your workplace improves productivity and it makes collaboration more meaningful. Faster decision-making has been cited as the number one reason collaboration technologies help teams in APAC work smarter. Improved knowledge transfer and increased productivity were also among the top-ranking benefits. When it came to local market variances there were some differences. In Australia, creating that all-important human-to-human connection was the main benefit.


Currently 74% of APAC respondents are using audio, video and content sharing to connect with remote workers and 60% of participants said they would use collaboration technology, if it was made available, in small meeting rooms.


If you are considering implementing technology to improve collaboration in your workspace, contact us and we can help you to invest in the tools to suit your business needs.